Michaela DePrince
She is dancing and appearing in several scenes with Beyoncé and on her own.

Born January 6, 1995 (age 20), as Mabinty Bangura into a Muslim family, she grew up as an orphan in Sierra Leone after her uncle brought her to an orphanage during the civil war. Her adoptive parents were told that her father was shot by rebels when she was three years old, and that her mother starved to death soon after. Frequently malnourished, mistreated, and derided as a "devil's child" because of vitiligo, a skin condition causing depigmentation, she fled to a refugee camp after her orphanage was bombed.

In 1999, at age four, she and another girl, Mia, were adopted by Elaine and Charles DePrince, a Jewish couple from Cherry Hill, New Jersey, and taken to the United States.The DePrinces have eleven children including Michaela, nine of whom are adopted.

She is dancing and appearing in several scenes with Beyoncé and on her own. Besides Michaela, the storyline also includes tennis star Serena Williams, model Winnie Harlow, actresses Quvenzhané Wallis and Amandla Stenberg, and pop duo Lisa-Kaindé Diaz and Naomi Diaz, known as Ibeyi. Also featuring in the video are Lezley McSpadden, Gwendolyn Carr and Sybrina Fulton, mothers of children who were killed in acts of police brutality in the United States.

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