Best Russian Dance 'Trepak' from The Nutcracker
Best Nutcracker Dance by Alexander Kalinin Russian Dance 'Trepak' Nutcracker

About Alexander Kalinin

Alexander Kalinin he has taught dance for over 30. Years in the U.S. as well as abroad, including teaching the summer program with ABT for 4 years Irvine CA. The Kirov Ballet Academy – Washington DC .  He is known throughout the world as a teacher and performer of great skill and strength rivaled only by his “feel” for the music.  Kirov students said that Mr. Kalinin gets the students excited about character and brings interesting life experiences to class.  The Reno Gazette-Journal praised him as a choreographer able to set new standards in Russian Dance.  Gelsey Kirkland of the New York City Ballet said of him, “Character Dance is greatly needed in this country, and Alexander Kalinin is a true inspiration as an artist and teacher.” 

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